Web Properties

My professional focus has always been digital (Internet) marketing. However, I have worked in a number of industries over the years. Since nothing ever really dies on the Internet, I want to provide a clear view of how all of my web properties relate to each other.

AzMortgageGuru.com - This is a loan officer blog that I started while working for CTX Mortgage. I used this blog as a medium to communicate with prospects and clients. Over the years, this became a tremendous source for lead generation. Since leaving the mortgage industry I have sold the rights of this website to a different mortgage company. However, old blog posts from during my time in the industry still bears my name.

Sabdamala.com - This is an  online venture I undertook in the Spring and Summer of 2010. I created Sabdamala.com as well as ReadandWriteNepali.com and ReadandWriteHindi.com to market online teaching videos for the Nepali and Hindi. These are ecommerce enabled websites where students can log in to learn to read and write the Devanagari script.

I am currently not involved in either of the projects mentioned above.

As an active participant in the web you will also find me on a plethora of social media websites. Below are a few where I have a notable presence:

SlideShare.Net - Where I upload any public presentations.
YouTube - I share some teaching videos as well as a few personal ones.
Twitter - My daily thoughts in 140 characters or less.
LinkedIn - Where you can connect with me professionally.